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How to Take Care of Teeth While Traveling

Whether you’re heading off for vacation or a business trip, it’s still important you take care of your teeth. Although this may sound difficult to do, it’s actually easy. If you’re wondering what it will take to keep your teeth in great shape while you’re traveling, keep these few tips in mind. Have Your Supplies […]

The Five Big Signs of a Healthy Smile

Most people are readily familiar with the signs that there is something wrong with their teeth or oral health. However, there are also good signs of a healthy mouth every person should know. Here are five signs of a generally healthy smile. 1. Your gum tissue is not discolored and not inflamed. The gum tissue […]

Common Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration can stem from many root causes, including preventable and non-preventable sources. You can review the below causes to find out what might be causing your tooth discoloration, how to prevent it, and ways to fix it.   One common reason for tooth discoloration is as simple as the food you eat and the […]

What is Sleep Apnea?

The muscles in the throat allow us to speak, swallow and breathe. As we sleep, these throat muscles become less active and they relax, which causes a narrowing of the throat. For most people, this narrowing will not affect their ability to breathe effortlessly, however, for some, breathing becomes more difficult as the chest muscles […]

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