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Braces in Hilliard

If there are issues with your bite, the spacing between your teeth, or the alignment of your teeth, your dentist in Hilliard, OH may recommend that you get braces to correct the issues. According to statistics published by Humana, at least four million people in the United States have braces, and as much as a quarter of those people are actually adults. This treatment has been the trusted method for correcting teeth for many years, and throughout the years, people have embraced the idea that their smile and bite should be aligned for the benefit of their confidence and oral health. Braces are an important orthodontic treatment, and there are multiple options to help patients get desirable results in a way that suits their lifestyle.

Types of Braces in Hilliard, OH

Even though committing to wearing braces can seem like a huge, life-changing thing, the modern availability of different types of braces sure makes this orthodontic treatment easier to contend with whether you are an adult or a child. Take a look at some of the types of braces in Hilliard you will have access to if your smile needs some adjustments.

Traditional Metal Braces

Woman with braces in Hilliard, OH Without question, the most common form of braces is the traditional metal braces. These braces are created from small stainless steel brackets that are bonded to the teeth and wires that act as connectors between the brackets. Metal braces tend to be the most inexpensive option, and luckily, they have advanced considerably over the years. Modern metal braces are smaller, less likely to rub against your lips and cheeks, and much more aesthetically appealing. Of course, one of the reasons many people opt for something other than traditional metal braces is because they are very visible.

Invisible Braces

Often referred to by the brand name “Invisalign,” invisible braces are aligners that are molded to the shape of your teeth. Every few weeks, the aligners are recreated to help move the teeth into the desired position. The aligners slip over your teeth securely, so they are not all that visible unless someone knows the braces are being worn. many people prefer invisible braces because they aren’t noticeable, but these braces also require fewer check-ups and trips to the office for adjustments. The only downfall to invisible braces is that they do have to be taken off when you are eating or drinking, which can be an inconvenience for some wearers.

Ceramic Braces with Clear Bands

Created to function the same way that traditional braces do, ceramic braces with clear bands are not as noticeable in the mouth as regular metal braces, but they are more visible than invisible braces. These braces are created with ceramic brackets that match the color of the teeth and the bands that connect the brackets are translucent or white so they blend in with your teeth as well. The process of wearing these braces is the same as others, but you may have to have the brackets and bands changed more frequently due to discoloration.

Why It’s Important to Get Braces If You Need Them

Braces Hilliard OH The idea of getting braces may be intimidating, but it really shouldn’t be. There are a lot of good reasons why you should go through with getting braces in Hilliard if this is something your dentist recommends. There are a lot of good reasons to straighten your smile, such as gaining a new level of self-confidence, but there are also important medical reasons for getting braces, such as:

  • Braces correct overcrowding of teeth that leads to higher risks of decay
  • Braces can correct the alignment of the jaws so your bite is even and your teeth won’t break down too quickly
  • Braces can align the teeth so there are fewer risks of gum disease or damaged soft tissues

Overall, having a confident and healthy smile can make all the difference in how the world around you perceives you. If it is your child that needs braces, act quickly to get the braces they need because correcting issues early is better and much easier to achieve than it would be as they get older. However, adults can have just as many benefits to their smile and oral health with braces, so don’t hesitate if you need braces yourself. It is important to discuss any concerns you have about braces with your dentist or orthodontist and ask questions about the process. Reach out to us at Fishinger Dental for information about braces in Hilliard, OH.

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