Common Signs a Tooth Is Deteriorating from the Inside Out

Many people relate visible decay with having a bad tooth, but sometimes, teeth can develop issues within the inner components that can signify a problem. Since visible decay may not be present, it is important to know the signs that something is wrong so you can get to a dentist for treatment right away and get the best chance of saving your tooth. Here is a look at a few signs that a tooth is deteriorating from the inside out.

The tooth looks discolored compared to the rest of your teeth.

One of the first signs that something is wrong with the inside of your tooth is a change in its appearance. You may notice that you have one tooth that seems to be yellowed or grey in comparison to the rest of your teeth. This can be a sign that the tooth is not getting substantial levels of blood flow.

You have occasional pain and sensitivity in the tooth.

Maybe you notice twinges of pain that seem to radiate from one of your teeth. Perhaps one of your teeth seems to be more sensitive to cold or hot than usual. You may even feel like the tooth hurts when you brush your teeth, floss, or use mouthwash. A tooth that does not have any nerve exposure is not going to cause you any pain, so there could be decay present just beneath the gum line that you don’t see.

The soft tissue around the tooth is sore, red, or swollen.

If a tooth is having issues inside that you can’t necessarily see, it can lead to issues around the tooth itself. Typically, you will spot sore spots on your gums, but you may just see that your gums are redder than usual or seem to be swollen around the suspect tooth.

Protect Your Smile with Regular Dental Checkups in Hilliard

Any time you suspect there is a problem with one of your teeth, it is critical that you get to a dentist right away. A tooth that is deteriorating from the inside out can be a sign of other health issues. Reach out to us at Fishinger Dental to schedule an appointment for a checkup in Hilliard, OH.


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