The Five Big Signs of a Healthy Smile

Most people are readily familiar with the signs that there is something wrong with their teeth or oral health. However, there are also good signs of a healthy mouth every person should know. Here are five signs of a generally healthy smile.

1. Your gum tissue is not discolored and not inflamed.

The gum tissue in a healthy mouth should not be discolored at all. The colors of the soft tissues should be uniform, free of light or dark spots. Additionally, your gums should not be poofy or swollen in certain spots. Swelling and discoloration can be a sign of irritation or infection.

2. Your mouth and tongue are moist and you have ample saliva.

Take a look at your tongue. What color is it? Is it pinkish-red and does it appear moist? Or, does your tongue appear somewhat white and dry? If your mouth is moistened well and pinkish-red, it is a good sign of a healthy mouth.

3. Your teeth are firmly seated in place and do not move.

A healthy mouth is full of teeth that are firmly seated in place. Your teeth will not feel like they are wiggly or weak when you push on them. Of course, some forms of trauma can cause a loose tooth, but any other time, there should be no movement of your teeth at all.

4. Your gums are perfectly enclosed around each tooth.

The healthiest gum tissue acts as a support system for each tooth. You should see your gums perfectly enclosed around the base of each tooth with no openings are spots where the gums seem to be pulling away. Likewise, there should be no signs of gum loss, which means the base of your tooth is fully covered.

5. Your teeth appear clean and reflect light.

Keep an Eye on the Health of Your Mouth with the Help of a Hilliard Dentist

The dentist spends a lot of time looking into people’s mouths, and they tend to do an awesome job of spotting even the slightest issues. If you haven’t had a checkup for a while, reach out to us at Fishinger Dental in Hilliard, OH to schedule an appointment.


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