Why a Root Canal is Nothing to Fear   

Do you experience a sinking sensation when your dentist in Hilliard, OH, mentions the words ‘”root canal?” There’s really no need. In reality, though it may sound a bit ominous, a root canal is a common, straightforward dental procedure that can save a damaged tooth from extraction. If you’d like to keep your bright, natural smile, a root canal may be the best solution.

Root Canals Are Not Unnecessarily Painful

Just like every other dental procedure that involves drilling, your dentist will make sure the area they’re working on is adequately numb. You may feel a bit of pressure from time to time, but you should not experience pain during your root canal. And if you have discomfort afterward, your dental professional may prescribe pain medication if needed.

A Root Canal Does Not Involve Digging a Trench Through Your Gums

If this is the image you see when someone mentions having a root canal, you should expel this vision from your memory. What actually happens during a root canal is that your dentist does a deep cleaning of your affected tooth, including the tiny canals that run through the roots. Once these root canals have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, they’re filled with a dental solution to keep future infection and debris out. The affected tooth is then capped with a restoration to preserve its structure and to prevent further decay.

A Root Canal Can Save Your Natural Tooth

It’s always better to save a tooth than to replace it. Replacing a tooth usually requires a costly dental implant. And if you have a tooth taken out and nothing put in its place, you may experience problems in the future as the bone beneath the lost tooth recedes and the surrounding teeth shift and reposition. A root canal can prevent this.

A Root Canal Can Resolve the Pain of a Toothache

A toothache happens because decay or damage has occurred to the sensitive part of your tooth called the pulp. The pulp is filled with delicate nerve endings that are super-sensitive to pain. If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know it’s worth almost anything to make it stop. Thankfully, during a root canal in Hilliard, OH, your dentist will clean and thoroughly sanitize your tooth, removing infection in the pulp. Call Fishinger Dental today to learn more about how a root canal can solve your toothache and preserve your brilliant smile.


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