What to Expect With Traditional Braces  

These days, braces come in lots of different forms. From Invisalign to clear braces, patients no longer have to wear traditional metal braces. However, there are lots of benefits to this traditional style of braces. For one thing, traditional braces can tackle nearly every level of teeth alignment issues. Even with severe overbites or underbites, traditional braces are very effective.

How Long do Traditional Braces Have to Be Worn?

The usual length of time that a patient will need to wear traditional braces in Hilliard, OH is two years. That time may be one or two months longer or shorter, depending on the severity of the misalignment and how well the teeth respond to treatment. Two years may seem like a long time on paper, but as the patient gets accustomed to wearing the braces, the time can slip past quite quickly.

Are Traditional Braces Painful?

Traditional braces take time to install. The first visit, where the dentist puts the braces on the teeth, can last one or two hours. The braces treatment is not painful but there may be some mouth fatigue from having to keep the mouth open for long periods of time. But sedation dentistry can be used as well as numbing agents.

When the braces are tightened during adjustment visits to the dentist, there can be a dull, achy feeling for a time. This is just the pressure of the teeth being gently moved into position. After a day or two, this achy feeling subsides.

The next time that there may be discomfort is when the braces are removed. However, this is such a joyous occasion that any discomfort is swiftly forgotten!

What About Eating With Braces?

You can do everything with braces that you can without braces, except for certain things. You’ll want to avoid hard foods that may damage braces. Chewing gum is off limits, and biting into sandwiches isn’t ideal, since the bread gets stuck in the braces. Patients quickly get into the habit of cutting up foods like sandwiches and apples to avoid food debris getting stuck in the braces. Note that other activities are fine, too, including singing and even kissing!

Though it’s hard to believe, patients—even young ones—get so used to braces that soon they don’t see the braces as they did when they first had them put on. If you or your loved one are interested in fixing an alignment issue with braces, contact our dentist in Hilliard, Ohio to get all your questions answered!


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