What Are The Best Toothbrushes to Use?

Brushing teeth is about more than keeping teeth white and clean-looking. It’s about removing as much plaque and harmful bacteria as possible from the surface of the teeth and along the gum line. These days, manufacturers have come up with lots of toothbrush alternatives from the standard, “stick-style” toothbrush from years ago. If you’re seeking to get the most effective toothbrush possible—or maybe just something new and different—here are your options:

Vibrating Toothbrush

A vibrating toothbrush has a little power pack and on/off switch that makes the head of the toothbrush vibrate. The vibration is intended to reduce the amount of manual energy needed, and to work harder to get rid of plaque and food debris. Vibrating toothbrushes are little more than a novelty, though. You can get the same or similar amount of brushing intensity with your own elbow grease. However, if a person suffers from arm weakness or another condition that makes it harder to brush, then this kind of toothbrush might be a good choice.

Charcoal Toothbrush

Charcoal toothbrushes are suddenly everywhere. The theory behind this kind of toothbrush is that charcoal is an effective whitener for teeth. The bristles are infused with charcoal, which is supposed to make teeth whiter than if you used a regular toothbrush. The effectiveness of charcoal toothbrushes is minimal at best. You would do better to use charcoal toothpaste. Better yet, get professional teeth whitening in Hilliard, OH that is fast, effective and long-lasting.

Sonic Toothbrush

A sonic toothbrush is like a vibrating toothbrush on steroids. Some sonic toothbrushes generate up to 30,000 brush strokes per minute, compared to a manual toothbrush where 300 per minute is the norm. This kind of vibration actually has proven to be more effective, since it also agitates toothpaste, water, and saliva as it works. Think of a sonic toothbrush the way an electric car scrubber would work compared to washing your car by hand. As long as you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow your Hilliard, OH dentist advice, sonic toothbrushes can be worth the investment.

Even the best toothbrush doesn’t replace regular dentist visits. Contact us today to book your next dentist appointment in and around Hilliard, Ohio.

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