How Long Will I Need My Braces? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in need of braces, you may have many questions about how braces work and what to expect when you’re getting braces. As your dentist in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, OH, we’re happy to answer your questions to help you be prepared. Here’s what to know when you have braces in Hilliard, OH.

How long will I need my braces?

Just how long braces need to be worn depends on the person. Some people finish up with braces in as little as six months. Others need to wear braces for as long as two years. Your dentist will tell you how long you need to wear braces when they examine your teeth. The length of time will depend on the severity of the issue.

Does getting braces hurt?

Getting braces doesn’t generally hurt, but you may feel discomfort after the braces have been installed. This only lasts as long as it takes for your body to get used to wearing braces. Once you’re used to your braces, you should not experience much discomfort, except when the wires are tightened or adjusted.

How can I tell if I need braces?

The best way to tell if you need braces is by going to the dentist to get evaluated by a professional. However, some signs that you need braces include jaw misalignment, frequent biting on the inside of your cheek, and difficulty talking or pronouncing certain words. If you think you may need braces, talk to your dentist to find out more.

What kinds of food shouldn’t be eaten when you have braces on?

When you’re wearing braces, it’s important to stay away from foods that are sticky or crunchy. It’s also important to avoid chewing on items that are not foods, like ice and pen caps. Your dentist can give you a more comprehensive list of foods to avoid.

How often will I need to go see the dentist when I have braces?

When you have braces, you may need to see the dentist as often as every six weeks for adjustments. You’ll also need to see the dentist twice per year for your regular tooth cleanings.

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