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Debunking Dental Implant Myths

Let’s Clear the Air About Implant Myths Dental implants are a sought-after option for replacing missing teeth, offering both effectiveness and popularity. However, with increased interest comes a rise in myths and misconceptions surrounding this restorative treatment.  From worries about pain and expenses to uncertainties about who’s eligible and how long implants last, these misconceptions […]

Fluoride: The Superhero in Preventing Tooth Decay

Keeping Your Smile Healthy with Fluoride at Fishinger Dental At Fishinger Dental, Dr. Nathan Desai and the dental team understand the crucial role fluoride plays in maintaining strong, cavity-free teeth. That’s why our team of dental professionals is committed to providing our patients with the latest and most effective fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth […]

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening: How It Works and Is It Safe?

Brighten Your Smile Safely In today’s image-conscious society, a radiant, white smile is more coveted than ever. The pursuit of teeth whitening treatments has surged as individuals strive to attain a brighter, more youthful appearance. At the forefront of this endeavor is Dr. Nathan Desai of Fishinger Dental, located in Hilliard, OH.  Understanding the science […]

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