What is a CEREC One-Day Crown?

CEREC one-day crowns in Hilliard, OH have made it possible to have entire crown procedures completed in a single day. These revolutionary products allow you to visit your dentist in Hilliard, OH and leave with a beautiful smile and greatly increased confidence.

How Dental Crowns Used to Be

With certain dental restorations, teeth can be badly damaged, noticeably discolored, or too weak to stand up to ongoing wear. Unfortunately, although these teeth can be instantly primed for restoration, the finishing touch of an aesthetically pleasing crown is reliant upon lab processing. In the past, getting a dental crown would often be a long, multi-appointment process. After root canals and other similar procedures have been performed, patients typically have temporary crowns installed, and they’re advised to return for treatment in a matter of weeks.

What is a CEREC One-Day Crown

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. With CEREC one-day dental crowns, all crown production is handled in-house, and on the very same day of dental treatment. This eliminates the need to rely on and wait for third-party dental labs. It also means that your dentist in Hilliard, OH won’t have to capture an impression of your teeth for crown processing. Instead, your crown will be crafted based on the images created with a small-sized camera. Smaller than the tip of a pencil, this camera will take clear pictures of the targeted tooth and all surrounding tooth structures. With this CAD/CAM technology, your new crown can be machine-milled in about 15 minutes while you wait.

Time and Convenience of CEREC One-Day Crowns

The major benefit of getting a CEREC one-day crown in Hilliard, OH is the ability to save time. Your dental restoration won’t require multiple appointments. You can get the results you want right away, and can go on with your life. You can look forward to one streamlined, efficient, and highly expedient treatment. Having your crown manufactured in the very same office where your one-day crown dental treatment is performed also ensures that the resulting product is a perfect match with the surrounding teeth.

With consistently beautiful and long-lasting results, CEREC crowns are becoming an increasingly popular choice for root canals and cosmetic restorations. Get in touch with your Hilliard, OH dentist today to find out more about CEREC crowns.

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