Does Getting Braces Hurt?

Are you getting braces put on your teeth by your dentist in Hilliard, OH? If so, it’s not unusual to have concerns about whether your braces will hurt. If you have questions, we have answers. In this article, we’ll talk about whether braces hurt when they’re put on, and what you can do about any discomfort you feel because of your new braces.

Does getting braces hurt?

Getting braces on your teeth doesn’t hurt during the installation procedure. The entire process takes a couple hours, and during that time you will likely not feel pain. Some patients do report feeling pressure on their teeth while the braces are being put on.

Many people feel soreness after the braces are in place.

As you’re getting used to your new braces, you may start to feel some soreness on your teeth and gums, especially when you’re eating. This soreness will last approximately one week.

Once you’ve gotten used to the braces, you may feel occasional soreness, but not as frequently as you did in the week when you were getting used to them. When you come back to the dentist office, you will get the bands around your teeth tightened. When this happens, you may experience some soreness again.

You may also develop some sores on the insides of your cheeks, or even some cuts on your tongue. This is from having braces in your mouth. These cuts will heal and over time, you’ll experience fewer of them. After a while, you may not even notice the braces are there anymore.

What can you do about discomfort experienced because of braces?

You can usually manage any pain that you feel on your teeth with over the counter pain medication. It’s also a good idea to eat soft foods at the beginning, because your teeth will feel sore while you’re chewing. Soup and oatmeal are good options at this time, as they will fill you up without requiring you to chew hard foods.

Do you have questions about getting braces in Hilliard, OH? Contact Fishinger Dental to learn more about how your braces will impact you, and what you can do to have a smooth transition to braces when they’re put on your teeth.


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