Causes of Tooth Pain

Does your tooth hurt? Toothaches can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, simple genetics come into play, other times, patients’ teeth have been injured or incurred decay in a way that causes pain. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, here are a few common reasons you may be feeling discomfort:

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay often occurs when plaque (the white, sticky substance that clings to teeth) has been left on the enamel long enough to turn into tartar. Both plaque and tartar contain bacteria that can eat away at tooth enamel. When the outer, protective layer of a tooth is gone, the roots and nerves can become exposed, creating pain and sensitivity.

In most cases, tooth decay can be resolved with fillings or crowns. In severe cases, patients might need dental implants to replace extremely decayed teeth.

2. Injuries

An unexpected encounter with a baseball or a bad car accident can break teeth, leaving them dark in color and painful to the touch. If your teeth have been injured, you might have exposed dentin, which is the soft tissue that lies beneath the enamel. See a dentist right away if you’ve incurred trauma to your mouth.

Discoloration is just one indication of problems after a traumatic event; if you’re in pain after an unexpected injury, be sure to seek the assistance of an oral health professional.

3. Abscesses

An abscess is a pocket of pus that forms near the gum line. It’s essentially an infection of the gums, which can easily spread through the blood system if you don’t take care of it right away. Abscesses are filled with bacteria, which cause inflamed gums and sensitivity while eating, drinking, or even speaking.

4. Periodontitis

More commonly known as gum disease, periodontitis occurs when late-stage tartar eats away at the gums. While patients who have periodontitis may feel like they’re experiencing tooth pain, the pain is actually in the gums. In severe cases, people may lose their teeth or find it impossible to eat because the gum tissue is too soft and pliable to properly hold the enamel in place.

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