4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Toothbrush

You’ve been brushing your teeth since you were able to hold a toothbrush. You know that regular brushing is essential to excellent dental hygiene. Yet, many people commonly make mistakes that have to do with the simple toothbrush. Your Hilliard, Ohio dentist wants you to be aware of these four common mistakes so you can enjoy the best oral health possible.

1. Not Replacing Toothbrush Often Enough

Most toothbrushes are very sturdy. Even inexpensive brands can last for months. However, that doesn’t mean you should use one toothbrush for all that time; at least not on your teeth. In other words, replace your toothbrush at least once a month with a brand new one. If your old one still has some life left in it, use it to clean around crevices in cookware, appliances, and more.

2. Using Toothbrush With Too Hard or Too Soft Bristles

For most people, a medium-bristled toothbrush is optimal. Unless your dentist specifically recommends that you use a firm or soft toothbrush, stick to the medium style. Too firm bristles can damage gum tissue. Too soft bristles won’t supply enough friction to remove stubborn food debris.

3. Not Brushing the Entire Tooth

Every tooth should be brushed all over; not just the chewing surface, and not just the part facing the front. Be sure to cover all the surfaces of the teeth with your toothbrush, every time you brush.

4. Brushing Too Hard

No matter what kind of bristles your toothbrush has, you can cause gum tissue damage if you brush too hard. You could even wear down the tooth enamel, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Remember, you’re cleaning your teeth, not your BBQ grill! Brushing for a longer period of time is better than brushing harder. Use firm but gentle pressure when brushing your teeth, and brush for at least a minute. That should be sufficient to remove food particles from the surface of the teeth.

Don’t worry. All you have to do is to be aware of these common mistakes and avoid them. In the meantime, make sure you visit your dentist in Hilliard, OH at least once every six months. If you do that, then chances are you can look forward to a lifetime of excellent oral health!

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