Not So Sweet – 4 Ways Sugar Is Your Smile’s Biggest Enemy

The average American eats about 57 pounds of sugar every, single year. Even more concerning, the majority of people have no idea they are actually taking in so much sugar. This sugary sweet stuff can be hiding out in all kinds of unusual and unexpected places and may even be hiding out under an alias name. If you’re vigilant about your oral health, it may be time to get to know just how much sugar you’ve been eating. Check out some of the ways sugar is your smile’s biggest enemy.

1. Sugar raises acidity levels in your mouth.

Your mouth is home to a host of natural bacteria that have the specific role of breaking down foods that come in. When bacteria break down sugars, the byproduct is an acidic one. Therefore, taking in a lot of sugar can actually raise the pH level in your mouth. Higher levels of acid can be harmful to the enamel of your teeth.

2. Bacterial growth can occur because of sugar.

If the amount of glucose in your saliva is high, it can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Higher glucose levels in your saliva can come from elevated blood sugar levels, which is a common problem for people with diabetes. However, anyone’s glucose levels can get too high if they consume high levels of sugar.

3. Sugar enhances the probability of plaque development.

The combination of more bacteria and higher acid levels can contribute to more plaque development. You may have even witnessed this kind of issue firsthand after consuming sugary or starchy foods; your teeth seem to have more plaque than usual. Of course, sticky plaque can be a major contributing factor to tooth decay and gum disease.

4. Unstable blood sugar levels can decrease saliva production.

In the event you eat a great deal of sugar and your blood sugar levels become unstable, it can interfere with the production of saliva. You may notice that your mouth feels dry more often than usual or you are more prone to bad breath.

Keep Your Smile Healthy with the Help of a Hilliard Dentist

Sugar may be your smile’s worst enemy, but staying vigilant about your oral health can make a huge difference. If you need help with your oral health care plan, reach out to us at Fishinger Dental in Hilliard, OH to schedule an appointment.

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