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How Do Braces Compare to Invisalign?

Braces are a classic dental tool used to realign teeth and alleviate problems that can stem from misaligned teeth. At the same time, Invisalign can do many of the same things as braces. As your dentist in Hilliard, OH, we can help you decide which type of dental tool is right for you. It helps to know about the differences between braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Below is some information to help you decide which is right for you.

What Are Braces?

Traditional braces are made up of a collection of brackets, wires, and rubber bands. The brackets are attached to the teeth and connected to one another via wires. The purpose of braces is to correct misaligned teeth. Braces can help make room in a crowded mouth and can make cosmetic corrections to a smile with crooked teeth. Braces are a powerful tool for fixing problems with the jaw and issues like severe overbite, underbite, and so on.

While braces do their job very well, they also have an impact on the appearance of your smile while you’re wearing them. Even clear braces still have a wire that can be seen. This can leave some people feeling self-conscious.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are similar to braces in some ways. Invisalign can realign your teeth and correct some problems with your jaw. Unlike braces, Invisalign is made of clear plastic that fits over the teeth comfortably and can be removed easily. In addition, Invisalign is almost impossible to see when being worn. Invisalign is especially difficult to see from a distance. Some people are more comfortable wearing Invisalign because they feel less self-conscious while wearing clear aligners.

Which Is Right For You?

Not all problems that can be corrected with braces can be corrected with Invisalign. In addition, Invisalign often costs more than traditional braces. If your teeth are crooked or your bite needs realignment, speak with your dentist to find out which is best for you. If your dentist tells you that you can wear Invisalign or traditional braces, then you have a choice to make!

Are you thinking about getting Invisalign or braces in Hilliard, OH? Call Fishinger Dental today to make an appointment. We can help.

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