All on 4/Hybrid Denture

If you are missing or about to lose all of your upper or lower teeth and want the most functional, comfortable, and life like solution then the hybrid denture is your best option.

All on 4 hybrid denture

An All on 4/Hybrid Denture is a permanent set of teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. This type of denture is fixed and stabilized in the jaw bone. It’s a cross between a traditional denture and a fixed bridge. This option is the best solution for patients who don’t want to wear dentures and want an amazing set of natural looking teeth which function and chew like your original set of teeth.

The All on 4/Hybrid Denture is the premier treatment solution for full mouth teeth replacement/rehabilitation.

Implant dentures
implant dentures


  • Fixed like your original teeth – no more removing your denture.
  • Beautiful, natural looking teeth
  • Function and chewing efficiency like your original set of teeth
  • Preserves your jaw bone and creates a more youthful appearance – dental implants anchor in the bone making sure bone recession doesn’t occur like with dentures.
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