COVID-19 Notice

To our valued patients,

As per the Ohio State Dental Board and Governor’s announcement on April 27, 2020, dental offices are permitted to open on May 1, 2020, to provide dental services.

Fishinger Dental will re-open on Monday, May 4th and follow all guidelines set forth by the Ohio State Dental Board, American Dental Association, and CDC – Center of Disease Control and Prevention. The entire staff has been tested for COVID-19 and we have all tested negative!

The following are additional precautions we will be taking at Fishinger Dental:

1. Recording temperature for all staff and patients when entering the facility

2. Pre-screening every patient for COVID-19 risk factors using a comprehensive questionnaire until accurate testing is available.

3. Staggering patient appointments to minimize patient-to-patient contact.

4. Social distancing will be performed in the entire dental office whenever possible.

5. All dental personnel will use appropriate PPE as dictated by the procedure performed, consistent with guidelines from the CDC and the American Dental Association, including masks, face shields, fluid-resistant gowns, and hair cover if applicable.

6. Patients must come alone for appointments (except where necessary for interpreters, guardians of minors, and others needing assistance). If you have a driver, they must stay in their car.

7. All patients will use a pre-procedure mouth rinse immediately before beginning a procedure.

Patients reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms are to be advised to contact their primary care physician immediately and placed in quarantine as appropriate.

Staff members who report or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms will self-quarantine and contact their primary care physician immediately and follow their advice. If found to be positive, the dental office will follow the Ohio Department of Health protocol.

We hope you all are doing well during this uncertain time. Your safety is our number one priority!

Hope to see you soon!

Your Fishinger Dental Team

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